Tatjana Popović

Tatjana is a certified health coach, author, lecturer, creator and organizer of the 5 Day Detox Program. After being diagnosed with left kidney cancer in 2005, she devoted herself to healthy eating and a lifestyle. Tatjana decided to discontinue chemotherapy and, with the help of the prestigious Hollywood macrobiotic consultant Mina Dobic, she chose to give macrobiotics a chance and master the basics.

Tatjana Popovic

In her early twenties Tatjana moved to New York, where she completed health coaching studies at the world-renowned Institute for Integrative Nutrition. A few years later, in 2014, she founded her own brand named Totally Wellness. Tatjana is currently living and working in Serbia, actively helping clients improve their diet and lifestyle.


  1. Get a healthy body weight
  2. Improve your focus and memory
  3. Increase your energy level
  4. Boost your immunity
  5. Improve the health of your skin
  6. Eliminate flatulence

Totally Wellness REVOLUTION

Tatjana’s mission is to help her clients improve their nutrition and lifestyle in the long run.

The focus of her seminars and programs is on foods that are 100% natural and healthy. And not only foods, Tatjana also works on all the other aspects that can affect health (physical activity, fulfillment in the areas of partnership, career, and spirituality).

Thanks to Tatjana’s experience and with her help, you will learn to love the concept of healthy eating adjusted to your needs

Totally Wellness Programs


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