“I enrolled in the program because I wanted to change my diet. Your story inspired me. Your posts seem convincing because you seem to know what you are talking about. You stand out in the most beautiful way possible. After a 5-day detox program I noticed that my skin is cleaner, and I have lost a few kilograms. 🙂  I would recommend the program to anyone who wants to improve their health.”

Mirjana Ljušić 

“As an athlete, I always took care of my diet. However, after I stopped playing sports professionally, I lost the motivation to eat healthy and plan and combine my meals. The body started to give me a sign that something was wrong. I often felt tired and got acne. That’s why I wanted to afford a “restart” for my body and return to healthy habits. Changes after five days? Better sleep! After the second day of detox, I felt much more energy, as well as better digestion. My skin is slowly cleansing, and I am aware that I have to continue with this diet to have beautiful skin again. So thank you very much for the three books you sent us. 🙂  I would recommend the program to anyone who wants to do something great for themselves and thinks about their long-term health. 🙂  The food delivery was professional; the delivery people were always punctual and kind!”

Katarina Raičević

“I signed up for this program to learn how to combine foods correctly and get ideas for making healthy meals that I could bring to work. Considering that I am currently on the “Online Group Coaching program” and have already felt the changes regarding energy levels and the changes in weight (-3 kg), I managed to lose another 0.8 kg after these five days, which I consider a great success. Also, I never felt hungry, even though my calorie intake was low. I loved the morning turmeric lemonade. It seems that it also improved my digestion, so I continued to consume it every morning, even after the 5-day detox program. I would recommend the program to anyone who wants to make healthy dietary changes but does not know how to do it and has no idea how to prepare healthy meals. I would also recommend it to people who want to raise their energy levels and cleanse the body of toxins, at least from time to time.”

Ana Tomaš

“As always, these wonderful five days have passed too quickly. I enjoyed delicious and healthy meals, and now I will continue with healthy habits. That is why this 5-day detox program was precious to me, to break bad habits and return to good ones. Apart from the fact that the meals were delicious as always, they made me feel energetic. I slept better, and I lost 3 kg, which I am also pleased about. The program was also a great inspiration for me, and I just came back from the market with a lot of lovely vegetables and fruits. I would recommend the program to everyone who has the will to experience what healthy detox meals look like. Young people must understand in time how to contribute to their good health with a proper diet. As for the delivery, I am delighted. It was well-coordinated, and the driver was very kind.”

Aleksandra Stankov

“I signed up for the 5-day detox program due to countless health problems. After ovarian tumor surgery in July 2018, I started having issues with digestion, bloating, water retention, joint pain, stiffness, excessive emotional sensitivity… So I desired to change my diet and get rid of accumulated toxins from the body. After five days, I feel like a new woman! Tatjana is a real artist, the variety of colors in the jar is like a painting canvas. The packaging is in line with the food, natural and harmless to the environment. The driver hands over the package smiling and kind, and wishes me to enjoy it – and I did! Thank you for creating this program and enabling delivery to Subotica. I have been waiting for that for a long time.”

Olga Matković

“I enrolled in the program out of the need to make a healthy change in my life. Additionally, if I go through this diet plan, I could educate myself through experience, not just theory. I chose Tatjana based on the impression I gained by following her on social media. After five days of the program, I noticed more energy and less bloating. The most impressive change for me is that I did not need the food I usually use (dairy products and meat, above all). I would recommend the program to anyone who has the need or desire to improve their health and general psychophysical condition of the body. I am incredibly pleased with the food delivery.”

Katarina Šibalić

“This time of year is excellent because of the holidays, but it is also challenging because I am not physically active enough, and every social contact comes down to food. I was more than eager for a change in diet. After five days of the program, I noticed excellent digestion, energy flow, good mood, and skin cleansing. I recommend the program to everyone!”

Suzana Mamužić

“I am incredibly pleased with your 5-day detox program! I applied because of a health problem – multiple sclerosis, which doctors do not know how to treat. I would praise the taste of all the meals. I’m impressed with how you accomplished this. The meals are well balanced and carefully designed. Also, the delivery was excellent. Accurate and always at the same time. Thank you for the ebooks, too. Tonight I’m thinking about how I’m going to miss this food plan. I will start researching and training to prepare such healthy and delicious meals for myself from tomorrow! I could eat like this my whole life.”

Jelena Popović

“The main reason why I applied for the 5-day detox program is that I wanted to get inspiration and ideas for preparing meals in the future. After five days, the feeling is extraordinary. I have a lot more energy (without starvation), an excellent sleep, a flat stomach, two kilograms less, and five days of enjoyment without staying in the kitchen. I would recommend the program to absolutely everyone. I have already inspired my friend for the next one. Thank you so much for everything!”

Tamara Perošević

“First of all, I want to thank you for the great books you sent us. I enrolled in the program because I wanted to reduce bloating in my stomach. After five days, bloating was reduced. I regulated body weight, but that was not my priority, so I did not measure how many kilograms I’ve lost. I would recommend the program to everyone who wants to eat healthy, even for five days, and do something positive for themselves, whether about health, body weight, or inner satisfaction.”

Katarina Nikolić

“I enrolled in the program to cleanse the toxins from my body and reminded myself of how important it is to choose foods carefully in everyday life. After five days, I feel less bloated and sleep better at night. I would recommend the program to anyone who wants to feel the benefits of using fresh fruits and vegetables and who wants to avoid (at least periodically) dairy products, as well as foods of animal origin. I would also recommend this program to people with diabetes, cholesterol problems, and increased triglycerides. I am delighted with the food delivery.”

Bilyana Shuman 

“I signed up for the program because I wanted to try a healthy diet and get acquainted with some foods that, unfortunately, I had not eaten before. After five days, I felt good, and on the third day, I felt more energy, which I usually have problems with. I would recommend everyone to try this program, from which they can only get something positive.”

Ljiljana Laban

“Dear Tatjana, this is my third 5-day detox program. I feel great, fresh and not bloated at all!!! I would recommend it to anyone, which I do! I was satisfied with the delivery and everything else! Thanks a lot!”

Tamara Pavićević

“The detox program was fantastic. Even though I didn’t believe I would succeed I stuck with it. I was greatly assisted by your advice and support, as well as the support of my husband, who also signed me up for the program. Thank you for your professionalism. The food was delicious, delivery on point and couriers were kind. I lost 2 kg and stopped being bloated which was very annoying to me. Most importantly, I was inspired to change the diet of the whole family and take care of my body.”

Aleksandra Kežman

“Thanks for everything. I look forward to reading all the books and making some smoothies. I enrolled in the program because a lot of obligations during the day sometimes cause me to not eat very healthy, and all this is reflected in how I feel and my weight. This detox program is the right thing to refresh my body a little. After 5 days, I digest my food much better, feel lighter and the fatigue is gone. I would recommend this program to people who have many responsibilities or work in the office all day and are unable to prepare healthy meals every day. Delivery is fast and accurate… I am completely satisfied. I have to add that the meals are extremely tasty. Even if there was something I don’t like, I was still satisfied because of all the other ingredients.”

Vanja Veljić

“I heard about the detox program from a couple of my colleagues who tried the program and were very satisfied. Behind me is a period full of commitments when I didn’t really think much about what I was eating, nor did I have time to exercise as usual, and somehow I started to feel heavy. I needed to do a cut, go detox, and start a more moderate and healthy lifestyle. However, I have never eaten this type of meal in my life, so I got mentally prepared, and knowing that I‘m doing good for my body, I complied with all the detox programs for 5 days without any problems. Otherwise, I was in PMS, but that didn’t make a problem. After 5 days I was reborn. I threw out the excess water, no flatulence, my digestive tract speeded up, I lost exactly 3kg after my detox program. The compliments I received at the end of the program was that I shine and look great. It is only after 5 days of this diet and without exercise, because due to the business rhythm I did not get to exercise. I would recommend the program to anyone who wants to detox or make a cut like me that would be a turning point for a healthier lifestyle. In terms of food delivery, everything was at its best.”

Ivana Vujanić

“Tatjana, I would like to thank you and your team for the past five days, for the opportunity to be a part of a beautiful story and to participate in this program. I decided for this program because I wanted to “purify” my body, I try every day to maximally take care of what I eat and drink, but I expected to be introduced with the correct way of combining food and also the schedule of eating. After this program, I get the feeling that I can consume less food per meal and I feel “better”. It is interesting to me that the taste of coffee is less pleasant than before (although I only drank short espresso without milk I normally drink), I feel some ”lightness in the stomach ”. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to learn what healthy foods are, how to combine them, how to schedule meals and what time to eat them.”

Christian Pasterko

“I enjoyed the program very much. As someone who eats healthy foods in principle, but because of a hectic lifestyle more and more often reaches for less healthy foods, I enrolled in the program to “reset” the body and distract it from trips to unhealthy foods, as well as to encourage the body to lose weight. After five days I lost 4.5kg, I feel lighter and with more energy and lightness in my body. I have also become accustomed to eating only healthy foods that are good for my body. I would recommend the program to anyone who needs a little push to eat healthy, who think that they can’t be without strong, heavy, processed or fast food, as well as those who fail to start the weight loss process. I am very satisfied with the food delivery – always at the time that I indicated that suited me, the packages themselves are in very practical and eco-friendly packaging. Thanks for the gift books and I wish you many more successful projects.”

Ivana Arsenijević

“Tatjana, thank you for this wonderful program, I enjoyed it and I wasn’t hungry at all. The amount of each meal was more than sufficient. I enrolled in the program to push myself and try to eat healthy. I wanted to see how my body would react to this type of diet. After 5 days I feel positive, relieved and have 2.5kg less. I would recommend the program to anyone who wants to eat healthy, who does not have the time to prepare food for themselves; it’s handy to take to work. The delivery was excellent; the courier is for all praise. It is good that you deliver the food in glass jars; the food is fresh the next day.”

Aleksandra Manojlović

“This detox was really refreshing and is definitely something I would recommend to anyone and it is something worth investing in. After 5 days I feel much better, lighter, I have more energy during the day, I do not feel tired like before. I think this program is great for anyone who wants to make some positive changes, to see that it is possible to be satiated with this type of food as we often hear that it is too small or that it is not tasty. On the contrary, all the meals and foods in the detox program are tasty, you just have to make good combinations. I am satisfied with the food delivery, everything was as agreed.”

Milana Beoković

“Dear Tanja, thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and recipes with us, for shortening our time to research about healthy foods and for making it easier when preparing meals for us. I enrolled in the program because I had already tried Tatjana’s kitchen program, which I really liked, so I was interested in comparing meals and their effect on my body. I am very happy with 2.5 kg less and a flat stomach. I would recommend the program to everyone, because the meals are very tasty and it’s very easy to eat this way when everything else is already prepared with great care and attention by someone else. Also, I think everyone should give their body a 5-day cleanse of regular food with these healthy meals.”

Danica Pavlović

“I chose the  5-day detox program because I decided to change my diet in order to lose weight. Everything you listed on the offer seemed very professional and meaningful. After 5 days, besides losing the weight of 2-3 kg, I liked the choice and combination of foods and continued to eat in a similar way. I would recommend this program to anyone who takes care of their health. The delivery of the meal was exactly as arranged, on time, with a kind and smiling delivery man. I believe that we will continue cooperating to our mutual satisfaction.”

Nataša Malenkoska Mušić

“I signed up for a 5-day detox program out of curiosity, but mostly because Christmas fasting started, and I was running out of ideas on how to eat healthy during that period. Since I felt bloated for days, after the third day of detox it was gone … And I like not to feel heavy after a meal. The delivery was at the same time every day, which suited me perfectly. And the delivery man is polite and friendly. Everything was great! I signed up for the next detox program already, so that shows how pleased I am.”

Olivera Bizić

“To be honest, I signed up for the program more because I had to, than because I wanted to. I was skeptical about the taste. However, after these five days, you have opened a new dimension to my diet, not only is the food healthy but it’s also delicious. I will try to apply your recipes and principles as much as possible for myself and my family. Thanks a lot!”

Maja Ostojin

“I’m not sure if I’ve been on this program 3 or 4 times already, which speaks well enough about my opinion on this program. As always, I felt great, not bloated and with a lot more energy than before.”

Jovana Panić

“I enrolled in the 5-day detox program because I want to change my eating habits. The feeling is extraordinary, I feel light and have more energy. I already recommended it to my friends. Delivery was accurate.”

Ivana Biljić

“Purple Premium meals are delicious. I noticed that these meals helped me to regulate my digestion and to balance the energy levels throughout the day. Also, I no longer have any imperfections on my skin that I had.”

Slaven Došlo

“Dear Tatjana, thank you for organizing the Purple Premium program. I decided to try it primarily because I wanted to lose some weight, which has drastically increased over the past year due to Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. After the 5-day detox program, which I tried in October, I wanted to try another healthy diet. During this program, I noticed that I wake up much easier and that my energy level is high throughout the day, as when I was completely healthy, which is the most significant benefit of this program. Also, the appearance of the skin has visibly changed for the better. Digestion is regulated.”

Gordana Radivojević

“I want to thank the entire Totally Wellness team for the great food they have prepared for me for the period of the  three weeks. The Purple Premium meals were delicious, and I am sure I will consume them again in the coming period.”

R. C.

“Vegan and gluten-free meals can be really delicious. With Purple Premium you have the opportunity to discover fantastic new flavors. My warm recommendation for this program.”

Siniša Ubović

“The food was delicious. Menu is perfect. Tatjana, you have made incredible food combinations. The Purple Premium program helped me regain my energy completely as it was at a very low level after Covid. It helped me improve my skin condition, reduce fluid retention, as well as to correct my body weight a bit. I’ll miss this program so much.”

Dragana Jovančić