TERRA I LUNA online programs

Totally Wellness Terra and Luna programs are personalized online interactive courses during which for 3 to 6 months Tatjana and her clients work together to set and achieve goals that lead to long-term change in diet and lifestyle. The programs are not based on calorie counting, nor the exact measurement of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, but rather the expected result of finding the optimal relationship between macronutrients and the clients’ lifestyle, health, and condition.

Following the principle of bio-individuality, which implies that every human being is unique, Tatjana’s mission is to help clients discover the direction for developing their diet, as well as to discover which foods suit them best, and to which they are intolerant, blocking them from achieving the desired results. The programs also include discussions about basic primary food segments, which include career fulfillment, emotional fulfillment in a relationship, and satisfaction with aspects related to social life, finances, physical activity, spirituality, and others.


  1. Six 60 minute online consultations every two weeks, over 12 weeks
  2. Personalized recommendations to meet the health goals of clients
  3. Electronic educational material
  4. Email / SMS support between consultations with a response up to 48h
  5. Supporting the client to implement changes in diet and lifestyle
  6. Tatjana’s personal commitment to the health and success of the client
  7. Program for exercising at home for 12 weeks
  8. 4 e-books written by Tatjana in Serbian
  9. Education about natural macrobiotic medicine
  10. Progress analysis and post-program orientations

Individual cooperation with Tatjana


Online programs designed for people who want to improve their health


Motivation and inspiration for lifestyle changes

Terra program is intended for those who:

  1. Have tried various diets and haven’t achieved desired results
  2. Are ready and willing to eat healthy and thus affect the health of their family
  3. Are tired of counting calories without any noticeable changes
  4. Are willing to learn more about plant based diet regimes
  5. Are sensitive to certain foods and want to adjust their diet


Terra program: 490 € per month, a total of 1470 € for 3 months, (VAT included)

Luna program: 490 € per month, 2940 € for 6 months (VAT included)

Luna six-month health coaching program represents the extension of the Terra program and includes twelve 60-minute online consultations every two weeks over 24 weeks.


**** Tatjana works with a maximum of 5 clients over 3 months. Applications are open year-round and conducted on the principle of enrolling people signed up to the waiting list. After the initial interview between the health coach and the client, and the necessary health analyzes, the program can start.